Google Chrome to Bring Intelligent Ad Blocking to Global Users in July (Beware Bloggers And Webmasters)

People that use Google Chrome in America, Europe and Canada have long been enjoying the web browser’s hardline policy against spammy ads. If you have been using the internet for long enough you would know that there are a lot of ads out there that are extremely annoying, so much so that they can make the whole internet browsing experience a lot more difficult for you to enjoy in any meaningful capacity.

These ads include things like pop ups or new tabs that open up that you have to close a dozen times in order to prevent them from coming up again. They also included ads that suddenly played audio at a very loud volume which is definitely something that can result in a fair amount of embarrassment for a wide variety of people that might be in a situation where such a thing happening would result in a fair amount of unwanted attention.
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Chrome is now bringing the blocking of such ads and behaviours to all countries around the world on the 9th of July. Google was involved in the launching of a coalition that vowed to make the ads that people end up seeing on the internet better than they would have been otherwise. The important thing to remember about this is that the internet will be a lot better if these aggressive ads end up never seeing the light of day again.

Hence, this new policy is in accordance with the goals of the coalition. Google has made it very clear that it wants people to be able to advertise whatever products and services they are buying from people but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of website owners and web developers that abuse this tool and they are the ones that are being targeted.
"If you operate a website (or blog) that shows ads, you should consider reviewing your site status in the Ad Experience Report, a tool (by Google) that helps publishers to understand if Chrome has identified any violating ad experiences on your site.", announced Ben Galbraith Senior Director of Product at Google Chrome, in a Chromium blog post.
Google Chrome's built-in ad blocker to roll out worldwide on July 9 - 2019
Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg / Getty Images
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