YouTube’s Android App Gets Voice Search UI Upgrade

Voice search is one of the more futuristic sounding features that our modern day technology has, but this feature has been rather underdeveloped until recently. YouTube is getting a voice search UI upgrade on Android. One thing that’s changing is that the voice search feature is becoming a lot more powerful, so much so that it is turning into something that you would be able to use to navigate the entire app without having to type anything in which is definitely going to streamline your experience and make it seem a lot more seamless and intuitive than it would have been otherwise.

The way that it will work is that you will have to tap on the microphone that’s in the search bar after which you will be taken for a screen with a red button at the bottom that will pulsate as you speak. A transcript of what you are saying will appear at the top of the screen, so it looks a lot like Siri and other such applications that detect what you are saying and try to answer your queries based on this.
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YouTube voice search gets new User interface and ‘show me’ command to navigate Android app
Screenshots: 9to5google

You are obviously going to be able to use the voice searching feature to search for videos and the feature has become better at understanding what you are saying. However, it goes beyond that as well. You will be able to give voice commands that will take you to your subscriptions, to trending videos as well as a variety of other sections on YouTube. All in all this is a welcome upgrade that is going to definitely make the app seem a lot more useful than it might have seemed otherwise and will make the usage of this app much easier for people that can’t type using the touchscreen.
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