From Microsoft to Google to Facebook: The 20 Biggest Tech Companies That Dominate The Web (infographic)

The internet has changed a lot over the past twenty years, so much so that you would be amazed at just how many things are different. It’s not just faster now either, the very companies that rule the internet have changed completely in the past two decades. For example, you can probably guess what company gets the top spot regarding how much influence it has over the internet today.

The only possible answer to that question is Google, of course! However, did you know that two decades ago Google wasn’t even on that list? Indeed, the top spot went to none other than good, old-fashioned AOL!

AOL fell off the list after 2013, and is now barely even discussed anymore. As for search engines, the only search engine on the list in 1998 was Yahoo, which as you may not know was older and much more established than Google.

Yahoo is no longer on the list, but you would be surprised at just how closely fought the top spot was between Google and Yahoo. Indeed, in 2013 the top spot went to Yahoo with Google coming in second! Yahoo is no more, but the company that acquired Yahoo, Oath Inc., is third on the list just behind Google and the social media behemoth that is Facebook. Hence, the legacy of Yahoo is still alive, even though it is pretty clear that Google won the war of the search engines.
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One company that has been on the list of top twenty companies on the internet since 1998 all the way up until now is Amazon, which is a testament to the consistency with which that company has been run ever since it was first launched and became a prevalent part of pretty much everyone’s internet experience.

The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web (infographic)
Infographic courtesy of: Visualcapitalist

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