Snapchat Conducts Research on How Different Social Media Apps Make Us Feel

Snapchat recently partnered with a research conducting organization by the name of Murphy Research to better understand how certain apps make us feel, as well as the various ways in which we use these apps along with the factors that drive us to these apps in the first place. The study analyzed the responses of a thousand people who were aged between eighteen and forty-four, and gives some insight into the way we tend to use social media as well as the impact it is generally having in our lives.

For example, the research has indicated some of the moods that people feel when they use Snapchat are silly, creative, attractive and flirtatious. That definitely sounds like the sort of feelings that we get when we use this social media platform. Using Twitter on the other hand is usually not that good an experience, and supposedly leads to feelings of isolation and depression, although some do feel inspired on the platform.

YouTube and Instagram users tend to feel inspired while using their chosen platforms as well. As for Facebook, the top two feelings that people experience when they use the biggest social media platform that the internet has to offer are informed and overwhelmed, both of which go hand in hand and are indeed an intrinsic part of the Facebook experience overall. Facebook users also reported more negative feelings than good ones such as isolation and guilt.

As for why people use these apps, Snapchat is generally used to talk to friends which is the same use that people have for Facebook. Twitter is mostly used to stay informed. The reason that Snapchat elicits more positive responses than Facebook is probably because of the fact that the app is a more private space.
"The more apps become a part of our daily lives, the more important it is to gain insight into the role they play in how we behave and feel.", explained Ariana Battle from Snapchat Team, in a blog post. Adding further, "Understanding how and when you turn to different platforms — and their individual impact — can help you make the choices that are right for you."
This infographic delineates how social networking apps impact our daily life and emotions.
Apposphere: How the Social Media Apps You Use Impact Your Daily Life and Emotions - infographic
Snapchat Releases New Report on How and Why People Use Different Social Apps
Featured Photo: Wachiwit via Getty Images
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