TweetDeck Gets a Scheduling Upgrade and Other Changes

If you are a social media manager, you probably already know what TweetDeck is. It can be an incredibly useful tool for lining up a posting schedule that would help keep your social media accounts fully updated even when you are not able to tend to them personally. This is sometimes the only way that social media managers are able to get a day off in the first place, so you can see just how important this kind of feature can be in a lot of ways.

Recently, a flurry of activity has been noted on the internet as a bunch of different social media based entities beefed up their services for businesses. Instagram recently allowed you to start scheduling video posts, and it seems like Twitter is playing catchup by adding a similar feature to TweetDeck. Basically, before you could only schedule tweets that had text in them or a single image, but now you would be able to schedule tweets that have multiple images and even videos. Twitter is not usually seen as the go-to place to upload videos, but the social media platform is clearly trying to change that by attempting to make it a more viable place for social media managers to schedule as many posts as possible.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that HootSuite has already had this feature for a while now, so Twitter is quite late to the party. However, the fact that a Twitter owned property like TweetDeck is getting this feature does give the social networking platform a bit more credibility, and a feature owned by the platform itself will definitely be easier to use because of the fact that it has been custom built for that particular platform.

Twitter Adds Scheduling Upgrade for TweetDeck, Changes to Embedded Tweet Grids
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