Twitter Reveals New User Interface to Mixed Reviews

Twitter recently announced an upgrade to its user interface that would have threads stacked to look like conversations in a messaging app. The social media platform recently revealed what this new user interface was going to look like and, well, it doesn’t look all that great. There are a lot of vibrant colors that end up making the interface look positively garish and while it seems to be simply it is not as intuitive as one would want it to be. Overall it looks kind of like an amateur’s attempt at making a messaging app rather than the interface for one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

A representative for Twitter stated that the colors are going to be toned down a little which is definitely a good thing. The stacked conversation may look a little bare to some because of the fact that the buttons that are associated with each tweet such as retweet, heart and share are missing. This does not mean that they are gone for good though, they are just hidden.

A first look at Twitter’s new UI and its effort to remain relevant

If you are scrolling through the thread you are not going to see them but if you tap on one of the tweets in said thread to highlight you are going to get the options you are familiar with. However, Twitter is toying with the idea of getting rid of the heart button for good so perhaps the feed might change more than you think.
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Overall, it is easy to appreciate the sentiment behind Twitter’s user interface update. That being said, the previous interface worked fairly well, so this seems like more of a rebranding than anything else. A lot of people might not like this update at all which could spell bad news for Twitter overall.

Twitter’s upcoming conversation interface looks like a colorful mess
Photos: TechCrunch.
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