Move Aside TV, Facebook-owned Instagram is the Best Place to Advertise Now

Instagram has surpassed traditional TV media as the key way to advertise to young consumersThere was a time not all that long ago where television was the gold standard when it came to advertising. If you wanted to reach people, especially young people, television was by and large the way to do it. This was because of the fact that television was something that everyone took part in, young people in particular. Hence, any kind of advertising that was done on television was likely to reach the younger generation and end up having a pretty significant impact on them.

Nowadays, however, kids don’t watch nearly as much TV as they used to. As a result of this fact, the top spot has gone to an entirely different entity: Instagram. Now, if you want your advertising to reach as many kids as possible, you go to Instagram because of the fact that kids are obsessed with the social network and are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate it into their day to day routine.

Cowen surveyed major US ad marketers, and its study reveals that for new branding campaigns, the buyers would overwhelmingly pick the Facebook-owned social network Instagram as their first choice

A financial services firm by the name of Cowen recently conducted a survey that proved that the various major ad buyers that are out there greatly prefer Instagram over TV, SnapChat, Facebook and YouTube.
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One thing that should be noted is that if an advertiser is attempting to target the 35+ demographic they still prefer TV.

However, if the targeted demographic is between 18 and 35 they are probably going to be targeted through social media. The fact that Instagram alone has superseded TV as the biggest way to reach a young demographic through advertising is indicative of the power of social media. If one were to combine the influence of all social media platforms, TV would not even be in the running.

The way we consume media is definitely changing every day, and this is a big sign of how we are changing.

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Featured Photo: Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images | Charts: BusinessInsider
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