Twitter Reveals What New Features Will Look Like

Twitter used to be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and while it is still fairly popular it is fair to say that Facebook has won the long drawn out war over who would be better able to capture the hearts and minds of the people on the internet. The fact of the matter is that Twitter needed to do something in order to make itself seem like a more viable contender in the world of social media, and as a result of this the micro-blogging network announced a bunch of new features that we would soon be able to use on the site as well as the app.

Basically, Twitter is inviting people to see their new features which will involve conversation bubbles as well updates that are also going to be revealed in a similar bubble form. This is going to give the platform a bit of an aesthetic update, something that a lot of people are probably going to appreciate because of the fact that the current look has started to seem very old especially when you consider how often Facebook and Instagram has changed its own design in recent times.
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One thing that you should note is that instant updates as well as the chat bubbles that Twitter is testing out are not final features. Rather, they are being tested out so that Twitter can have a better idea of whether or not people are going to enjoy the features that they are being offered. Only time will tell whether or not these features are going to end up finally becoming a part of the social media platform in some permanent manner, although chances are that this may very well end up being the case.

This is what chat bubbles (for threads) and status updates may look like on Twitter in 2019
Photo: Edgar Alvarez / Twitter
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