LinkedIn Adds Contextual Optimization to Help Center

If you want to be able to figure something out while you are using LinkedIn, you are going to have to use the help center. While this is something that will solve the problem quite quickly, one issue that you might have with this whole process would have to do with the fact that you have to go to the help center in the first place in order to get an answer to your question, and following this you are going to have to type in a search query that would finally allow you to get the answer you needed in order to make the most of the task that you are trying to accomplish.

This is why the employment network based social media platform has decided to add contextual prompts to its help center. Basically if you are in a particular area of the site you are going to get a prompt that would show you the various queries that people most often put in when they are in that particular section of the site. If you are confused about something, chances are that the query you have will be right there, easy for you to look into and thus saving you a great deal of time.
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Not only is this going to improve LinkedIn, it is a feature that a number of social media platforms as well as a variety of other websites could add to their help centers as well. It is important to try and make the internet as user friendly as possible, and part of this is explaining some of the more complicated bits to people that might not know how to use the internet all that well for some reason. Help center improvement is an important aspect of the internet overall.

LinkedIn Improves Help Listings by Adding Contextual Prompts
Photo: Robert Galbraith / Reuters

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