Get hired fast in 2019 with these LinkedIn-proposed skills

LinkedIn, the professional networking social media platform has released its ‘2018 US Emerging Jobs Report’, which not only highlights the jobs that are in demand but also skills that are much-needed in the American professional industry.

Top 10 Skills That Will Get You Hired Faster In 2019, According To LinkedIn

1. Oral communication / public speaking / presentation skills

Oral or verbal communication is an essential skill that allows individuals to express their ideas through speech.

2. People management / teamwork / supervisory skills

The people management skill is the ability to connect with and understand others.

3. Development tools

Having an understanding of development tools such as Java, C++, and Linux is a top requirement for the IT field.

4. Social media

Social media is everywhere and having the knowledge of social media management and measurement is essential for almost all niches.

5. Business management

The business management skill allows individuals to plan strategically and improve the business process efficiency.
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6. Time management

Managing and organizing time effectively while multitasking is an important trait and will be in high demand by the hiring team in the year 2019.

7. Leadership

Being a strong leader who takes his team alongside each step will ensure the success of any business.

8. Graphic design

Apart from web design, having knowledge of various graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop is essential for professionals in 2019.
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9. Data science

The data science skills include data analysis, forecasting, and preparing statistics for the relevant niche.

10. Web development

In the era of the Internet, boasting knowledge of web development, HTML, JavaScript will be a sought-after talent.

Take a look at the top in-demand skills as suggested by LinkedIn and find out more by viewing the detailed report here.

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