Google Chrome Bug Finally Fixed 3 Years After it Was Reported

In 2015, a bug was discovered in Chrome for Android. This bug was actually pretty serious because it could potentially reveal a lot of sensitive information about the user as well as the device that said user was using while they were surfing the internet using Google’s Chrome for Android. In spite of the dangers that the bug posed, Google ignored the report stating that it did not seem like much of a threat nor did it seem like a valid bug to work on.

Now, three whole years later, the tech giant has finally decided to fix the bug in the new Chrome 70 update. This is because of the fact that the bug can potentially cause users to be tracked and devices to be fingerprinted which can be an enormous security risk that could potentially end up causing a large number of problems to people that are concerned about their privacy.

Last year involved countless scandals with multiple tech companies regarding the lack of effort they put into protecting the privacy of their users and providing them with the level of security they need in order to be as safe as possible while they are surfing the internet. In light of all of this, one would expect Google to start taking things a bit more seriously. This might be the reason why after three whole years of not doing anything about it Google finally decided that it would fix the issue. Another reason might be that new information was revealed which made the threat seem more pertinent to Google, although the original revelation showed enough of a threat to make it very surprising that Google did not take it seriously from the get go.

Bug in Chrome for Android Patched After Three Years Of Disclosure
Photo: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
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