Instagram Finally Introduces The Most Anticipated Feature For Social Media Managers

Instagram has recently been adding a lot of cool new features that are meant to make it easier for social media influencers as well as general heavy users of the social media platform to enjoy their usage in a manner that make the process as easy for them as it could possibly be. The fact of the matter is that these new features are a part of Instagram’s strategy to make itself seem like a more viable option for the various businesses out there that are operating as well, something the will definitely make it beneficial for people in the long run.

Facebook adds new option on Instagram that allows users to regram/reshare their posts to multiple accounts
Photo: Stockcam via Getty Images

The latest feature that’s coming is basically going to allow you to post things to multiple accounts at the same time. Previously what you had to do in order to post to multiple accounts at the same time, basically regram a picture automatically, was download a third party app that would manage this process for you.

Rejoice social media influencers! Instagram now lets you regram a video or photo to multiple accounts
Screenshot: TechCrunch.

Instagram has finally recognized that there is a need for something like this to happen, and the fact of the matter is that this feature was a long time coming indeed so users are definitely going to be excited about what this has in store for them.

Being able to post to multiple accounts is definitely going to make the platform a lot more social media friendly, not to mention the fact that it is going to make the job of various social media influencers and community managers that are operating on the platform a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. The update is currently only coming to iOS, although Android users are probably going to end up getting it soon as well because of the fact that they comprise a huge market.
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