Ex-Employees of Facebook ‘Discouraged’ With the Company’s Culture – Felt Pressurized to Act at Work

Former Facebook employees report feeling pressurized at the workplace. According to a report published on CNBC, ex-employees complain that they were forced to remain positive and act like it was the best place to work.

In fact, the CNBC report claims that some employees characterized the internal culture at Facebook as ‘cult-like.’

The former employees put most of the blame on Facebook’s twice-yearly peer-review system where five of their colleagues gave feedback. According to the former employees, the system put pressure on them to have good standing with co-workers by participating in after-hours social events and lunches.

The ex-employees found the peer-review system similar to a popularity contest where people who like you would vote for you while others who don’t would throw in a bad apple.
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A former manager of Facebook also agreed that the ranking system demotivated the users and if you receive bad rankings – the stigma follows you for the whole time you are there.

Management guru and General Electric CEO Jack Welch introduced the system in the 1990s. Microsoft Company also adopted the same principles but in 2013, the company stopped the practice amid declining employee morale.

Former Facebook employees reportedly say the corporate culture is like a cult where you have to be happy all the time
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