Instagram Now Lets You Analyze Hashtag Impressions in Insights

Instagram has been working quite hard to make its platform as user friendly as possible especially when it comes to businesses and influencers that are trying to spread awareness regarding certain products and services on the social media platform. One of the latest updates that users have noticed on Reddit and Twitter will make the platform even more accessible not just for people that are trying to start a business or become a social media influencer but for anyone that wants to spread awareness or a message of some sort through a hashtag.

Basically if you go into your insights you would see that Instagram now allows you to see how many impressions your hashtags have generated. You get a total number of impressions as well as how many impressions each hashtag got in a fairly easy to peruse list that. This would allow you to see which of your hashtags are making a difference and which ones aren't, thereby allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your social media profile and only use those hashtags that would allow you to get the message across to as many people as possible.
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You should probably note that only your top five hashtags are going to show up here, and there is no minimum number of impressions. Even if a hashtag that you used ended up getting a single impression you would find it in the list as long as there are no hashtags that performed better.

The great thing about this is that it would allow people to optimize their social media profiles and bring them to a point where it would become a great deal easier for them to make the most of their following and create a name for themselves on the social network.

Instagram now shows a breakdown of post impressions for each hashtag used
ScreenShot: Jiggabot / Reddit
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