WhatsApp Gold Virus Scam Makes a Comeback

WhatsApp Gold is a malware hoax you should definitely avoidFacebook has seen the return of a spam post recently, and a similar spat of benign hoax messages are spreading through another one of Facebook’s properties, namely WhatsApp. A message has been circulating about an ostensible WhatsApp upgrade referred to as WhatsApp Gold. The message that you get about this is actually the spam that you should just ignore because of the fact that it is not based in truth in any way at all.

Basically people are spreading messages that they have received which talks about a video that is being released in a few days by WhatsApp, a video that is supposedly going to contain a link to WhatsApp Gold which would allow you to enjoy a wide variety of special feature such as the ability to delete messages several hours after they have been sent as well as the ability to send dozens of pictures all at once to your recipients.

Beware: WhatsApp Gold Virus Makes A Comeback

WhatsApp Gold is obviously fake, and the link is supposedly riddled with viruses that will immediately assault your device. Except this news is fake as well, there is no video that is coming out and there is no WhatsApp Gold message in the first place therefore there is no need to worry about a virus infecting your phone.

Spam messages like this get around every so often. This message has been passed around before as well back in 2016, and it seems to be doing the rounds again. If you see a message like this you should know that there is no need to worry, there is no actual virus and you are completely safe. The sentiment behind the spam is accurate, though. You should never click on a link unless it comes from a source that you trust completely.

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