Apple Support Calls Turn Out to Be Phishing Scams

If you get a call from Apple Support, don’t answer it. It turns out that a group of savvy scammers have created a very realistic phishing scam that sounds and looks exactly like an Apple support call. The scam basically involves you getting a call from Apple Support which you pick up and are subsequently asked to call the person back. The call looks like it is coming from Apple directly because of the fact that this is what the identity screen tends to show, something that is pretty shocking when you consider just how difficult doing something like this would be.
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When you call them back you are going to be asked for payment information and the like as well as a variety of other details that could potentially result in you getting robbed. In situations like this it is important to keep in mind that even if something is wrong with your phone it is highly unlikely that you are going to get a call about it because people that are hired to fix your phones are not likely to be that dedicated to their job. Apple Customer Support is good, but once again they are not going to call you if your phone is broken, you are going to have to call them that is just the way this sort of thing works.
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The fact that Apple’s own phones can’t seem to ascertain whether or not a call is legitimately coming from Apple is something that could result in a widespread panic if enough people end up suffering because of this scam. It is important to be careful because in this modern day and age data theft is something that is becoming more and more common.

Apple Support Scam is a new Voice Phishing Trick
Photo: Sean Gallup (Getty).
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