Browse Internet & View Your Favorite Social Media Websites In ‘Dark Mode’ With This Simple Hack

Surprisingly, many developers of modern operating systems, apps and websites seem to overlook the possibility that users might be interested in using their products in a dark setting, and the white glaring theme on a dark background might be too uncomfortable on the eyes of many users.

Of course, some manufacturers have acknowledged the need and started implementing ‘dark mode’ in their products. For example, Apple added the dark mode to its macOS Mojave operating system. Moreover, Microsoft is also implementing a similar feature for its Windows 10 while apps such as YouTube and Reddit also come with their dark mode setting.

There is also the option of getting night mode themes for web browsers. However, this will make navigation difficult as white is by far the default color theme for most websites.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of websites, there is an extension available that can be used to enable the dark mode.

Simply head over to the and click on the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) you use. This will take you to a next page where you can download and install the free Dark Reader extension for the relevant web browser.
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Once the extension is installed, the majority of websites will have a dark gray or black color in place of the bright white.

Just like many other users, you will find this change easy on the eyes, especially if you are browsing the internet in a dark environment.

You can always change back to the ‘white mode’ easily by clicking on the Dark Reader icon present on the browser’s extension bar.

Moreover, the Dark Reader extension allows users to customize the font of any site through its set of tools.

This incredibly useful tool gives every website on your browser a dark theme
ScreenShot: Digital Information World

The cons of using Dark Reader

On the contrary, users might experience some sites loading a little slower than usual. In particular, Gmail lags quite a bit as the extension works behind the scenes to change the site’s original coloring to dark mode. If you do extensive data entry task or work as a content editor or a web developer then chances are (in some cases) this plugin will add some extra formatting in the source code of your page or composer.

Additionally, some users complain of seeing bright white flash (a known Google Chrome bug) while visiting new sites. According to the Dark Reader’s FAQ, the web browsers initially loads a site in its default theme which is usually bright and users can reduce the flashing by using a dark theme for the browser itself.

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