YouTube Is Banning Dangerous Pranks, Challenge And Stunts Videos

A crucial reform in policies by YouTube now dictates that the popular video streaming site won’t allow any dangerous pranks and stunts like the Bird Box or The Tide Pod challenge. The company will now strictly ban such activities and has a clear cut message for all the content creators to not participate in unnecessary trends for the sake of viewership.

It has been addressed in the Community Guidelines section under Dangerous Challenges and Pranks Enforcement FAQ which explains that as long as the videos are about small pranks like people flipping water bottles or parents giving their kids awful Christmas presents, it can work. But if anyone tries to upload a prank that includes tricking children into believing their parents have died, nothing of such sort will be tolerated.

In case of uploading similar prohibited content, YouTube has the right to ban you for 90 days, and you would also no longer be able to use the feature of live streaming. Furthermore, if you repeat the act three times then you’ll be removed from the platform permanently.

Along with this, YouTube also needs a strict eye on thumbnails which might depict pornography or graphic violence.
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However, this all will put more work on moderators’ shoulders as artificial intelligent systems are not that efficient as of yet to identify every video which can violate platform guidelines. Recently, YouTube has limited moderators’ shifts to 4 hours a day as the company doesn’t want to put their mental health on risk.

Well as for now we all can only hope that the updated guidelines turn out to be effective in order to keep viewers and creators away from violence and stupidity. But a lot of the credit for this will go to the moderators who now would have to be a bit more careful about the sort of things they get to see for 4 hours a day without their will.

YouTube Disallows Videos Of Dangerous Pranks and Challenges
Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images.
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