The Anticipated Google Chrome Dark Mode Soon To Be Available On Windows OS

For fans of dark mode apps, there is some good news: You can enjoy the dark mode feature in Google’s Chrome browser for Windows 10 soon.

Chrome developer and engineer, Peter Kasting recently confirmed the news on Reddit that the development of the native dark mode feature is in progress. This will not only be aesthetically appealing but also enhance the power-saving opportunities.

However, Chrome has not yet revealed a timetable for when the dark mode feature will be available to users and Kasting urges users to use a dark theme for the same via third-party extensions – until the feature is fully rolled out.

The eye-saving dark mode feature is now available on many Android apps including YouTube. A bugs log on to the Chromium website notes that the development for the same is in progress for macOS Mojave as well.

This means that sometimes this year, we will see both Windows and macOS supporting dark modes in Chrome as well. Watch this space for more updates.

Finally: Google Chrome on Windows 10 Is Getting Dark Mode (Soon)
Screenshot: TechDows.

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