Is Twitter allowing the ad promotion of PayPal phishing scams on its platform?

Twitter is allowing scammers to abuse its advertising tool and hack PayPal accountsPhishing swindles occur frequently in the World Wide Web. However, it is certainly unusual to see them being promoted on your Twitter timeline.

Recently, several Twitteratis are claiming to see a Twitter handle by the address @PaypalChrstm (now deleted). The account purported to be a legitimate PayPal account is promoting several end-of-year sweepstakes and hints at giving new car and iPhone as gifts, in users feed through Twitter's advertising program. To get a chance of winning the raffle, users only have to provide their personal details.

Sadly, the giveaway is fake and evidence proves the account's illegitimacy.

Firstly, the phishing URL misspells the word “PayPal” as “PayPall” and comes from an account that has less than 100 followers. Moreover, the logo used on the promoted tweet did not match with the original PayPal brand and looks like something made out of Microsoft Paint.

Twitter let hackers use its advertising feature to promote an obvious PayPal phishing scam
Screenshot: TheNextWeb

Nevertheless, the hackers did take their time to create a login page that is identical to the authentic page. However, the lack of HTTPs gives away the phishing secret.
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Those who attempted to log in were also asked for credit card information which reveals the hacker also intends to exploit the victim financially outside the popular FinTech platform.

Millions of users around the world utilize PayPal, the popular financial service brand. Hackers have attempted several times to phish accounts of the service numerous times. But during this shot, they have managed to use promoted tweets as part of their schemes to seem authentic.

When contacted, both PayPal and Twitter were unavailable for comment. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Featured photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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