How To Get Rid Of The Unwanted Suggestions While Typing A URL In Chrome, Firefox And Internet Explorer

It's not a strange occurrence that you type a URL and something entirely different, at times, traumatizing, appears in the suggestions for the URLs that you might be looking for. It could be from a previously searched data or a mistake that you might have made unknowingly which now keeps haunting you in your suggestions.

There is, however, a solution to this dilemma if you're a user of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. These browsers offer the option to delete these suggestions if you find them too disturbing for your comfort.

Microsoft Edge users, bad news for you guys, you'll have to keep dealing with those nightmare suggestions as this browser has no solution for this problem, which, in fact, seems to be an innate problem of its own.

Google Chrome:
How to erase specific auto suggested URLs from Google Chrome browser
For Chrome users, it's quite an easy thing to do. After you type the URL and the incorrect one pops up, you just have to highlight it, and then opt for Shift + Delete on the keyboard, and the horror is nullified.

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Mozilla Firefox:
How to Remove URLs from Auto-Suggestions in Mozilla Firefox

For the people using Firefox, a relatively lesser used browser, you can delete the unwanted suggestion quite easily here as well.

Just like chrome, while typing when you observe the unwanted URL, highlight it, press Shift + Delete and you're good to browse!

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Internet Explorer:
Delete Individual URLs from Web Browser Address Bar history

For the archaic minded, Internet Explorer could be your choice of browser. Since its parental status as a browser, it does differ from the new, more seemingly ‘hip’ ones.

While typing the URL, when you get acquainted with an undesirable suggestion, by using the mouse, hover your cursor over that particular suggestion. A tiny "X" will be seen on the side of that suggestion. Click on it and it will be gone like forgotten history. By the way, this procedure also works with Opera browser. If you are a keyboard shortcut guru then good news for you, "Shift + Delete" method also works with Internet Explorer.

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