Apple in Trouble After Weak Performance in Previous Quarter

Apple says it could miss $9 billion in iPhone sales due to weak demandApple is one of the most iconic companies in the world of tech, and has played an important role in the development of our modern day and age thanks to its legendary founder, the late Steve Jobs. After Steve Jobs passed away, many wondered if the company would be able to continue its undisputed dominance of the tech market, especially in the fact of a rapidly rising Android platform from none other than Google paired with companies like Samsung providing hardware that began to capture the public’s interest.

For a time Apple has managed to keep itself going, but the previous quarter has not been kind to the tech giant. The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has sent a letter to investors informing them that the previous quarter saw lower than expected sales, and this weak performance can particularly be attributed to Apple’s underperformance in developing and emerging markets. China in particular seems to be a tough nut to crack. China’s own Huawei has come up magnificently in recent years, and most American tech companies including not just Apple but Google and Facebook as well have been having a very tough time getting the Chinese public to take them seriously.
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While Tim Cook has offered a number of explanations for the failure including an improperly handled iPhone XS launch, the current state of the US dollar which has weakened the foreign reserves of some countries as well as an overabundance of releases last year which has caused supply problems. However, the fact remains that the single biggest reason Apple had a bad quarter is because of the fact that people aren’t buying Apple products as much as they used to. Could this be the end of the behemoth that is Apple? Only time will tell.

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