Victims of Google+ Data Breach Finally Get Email Notification

Google finally manage to send Emails to Affected GooglePlus Users About BreachGoogle+ didn’t really go down swinging, which is not at all surprising when you consider the fact that the social media platform was the reason that millions of people ended up having their data stolen by potentially malicious actors.

Google responded to this monumental data breach by planning to shut Google+ down, but it seems like the data breach is going to continue to haunt the tech giant at least for the time being. Users of the social media platform received an email recently that informed them of the data breach. The only problem with this is that the data breach occurred all the way in October, and the users received this email on the 3rd of January.

One reason for this could be that Google had to go through each of the accounts that were on Google+ in order to ascertain whether or not they were at risk. Once a batch was discovered to be at risk, emails would have been sent out which would have informed the users about the breach so that they could alter their permissions accordingly and make sure that none of their data went out.

Google+ suffered two data breaches. The first of the two made Google plan to shut the service down in ten months, but a further breach made the tech giant throw caution to the wind and plan to close it much earlier.

An email coming in about a data breach that happened months ago is actually quite comical, however. People are going to be pretty shocked that this is the way the data breach is being handled, but some good that could come out of this is that people are going to become a lot more weary of tech giants and the security that they provide.

GooglePlus Data Breach: Ironically Affected Users Get Notified via (unpersonalized) Mails

Email Screenshot: | Featured Photo: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters
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