Samsung Galaxy A8 Sample Shot Found to Be Fake

One of the most remarkable aspects of technology today is the fact that the hardware is improving drastically as well as the software. For example, smartphone cameras have become absolutely remarkable. This is because of the fact that cameras are a great selling point because a lot of users enjoy taking pictures with their cameras. However, no matter how good smartphone cameras get, specialized DSLR cameras are still going to have something unique to offer people. This is because of the fact that those cameras are specifically designed for one purpose, which is to take pictures. This single-minded focus means that the hardware is custom-made for the purpose of taking incredible photographs.

Samsung’s upcoming new phone in Malaysia, the Galaxy A8, recently showed sample shots that were ostensibly taken by the smartphone camera. The sample was absolutely incredible, and it shows that Samsung has really outdone themselves in terms of camera quality. There is just one problem: the sample is fake. The picture was actually taken by a DSLR, and Samsung bought the picture from the original photographer. It was only when the photographer did a reverse image search that they found out what Samsung was up to.
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While this may seem shocking to some, it is not that uncommon for companies to do things like this. A good example is Huawei, which did something similar to this in the recent months. This is an example of why it is so important for people to be careful about what they are buying. Marketing is designed to make you want to buy a product, so you should take all forms of marketing with a pinch of salt. This is what will help you make the right decisions regarding the products you buy.

Samsung bought a photographer’s DSLR photo to pose as a Galaxy A8 sample shot
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