Annual iPhone apps and games award: Compiled by Apple

Every year, countless apps get added to Apple’s App store. Some of these apps fail to make a mark and end up being sentenced to limbo where they are never going to get the appreciation that they might have been looking for during the process of development. However, a few apps end up hitting the mark, and as a result of this fact they end up becoming extremely successful. Apple has released a list of the apps, movies and other items available at their app store that they found to be a cut above the rest.As the year comes to an end, Apple reveals its list of top apps that includes the most downloaded apps for 2018 in different categories.

If you are looking for some new entertainment apps for your iPhone or iPad, the year-end listing by Apple is a great place to start your search.

Take a look!

iPhone app of the year – Procreate Pocket
Apple announces App of the Year, Game of the Year, and other Best of 2018 charts

The App of the Year according to Apple is Procreate Pocket. This is a handy app that can be used to draw, sketch and doodle on the go. This is an activity that a lot of people enjoy taking part in, especially because of the fact that it helps them get their creative juices flowing if they are struggling to do so. It is pretty clear to see why Apple loved this product. It has a lot going for it, such as the snazzy design and the easy user interface that can be used intuitively without having to worry about specialized instructions.

Click here to download the sketching and drawing app.

Apple’s game of the year – Donut County

Check out Donut County on the App Store. The puzzle game portrays the user as a raccoon.

Price: $5.00

Apple’s iPad app of the year – Froggipedia

As far as the iPad is concerned, Apple decided to choose Froggipedia as the top contender. This app is pretty interesting because of the fact that it allows you to dissect a frog, so to speak, without actually having to kill a frog in real life. Dissecting a frog is a clever way to learn anatomy and the like, but a lot of people obviously have a problem with unnecessarily murdering a frog. This app allows you to get the job done without any of the mess, which explains why it got named iPad App of the Year.

The Augmented reality app is available on the App Store for $4.00. A useful app for studying amphibians and frogs.

Apple’s iPad game of the year – Gorogoa

The puzzle-game features hand-drawn graphics. Download from the App Store for only $5.00

Here is the full list of top apps:

1. YouTube

2. Instagram

3. Snapchat

4. Facebook Messenger

5. Facebook

6. Bitmoji

7. Netflix

8. Google Maps

9. Gmail

10. Spotify

11. Amazon

12. Uber

13. WhatsApp

14. Pandora

15. Wish

16. TikTok

17. Cash App

18. Google Photos

19. Google Chrome

20. Twitter

Apple also revealed a list of most downloaded games from their App Store:

1. Fortnite

2. Helix Jump

3. Rise Up

4. PUBG Mobile


6. Love Balls

7. Snake Vs. Block

8. Rules of Survival

9. Roblox

10. Dune!

11. Subway Surfers

12. Episode — Choose Your Story

13. Word Link

14. Toon Blast

15. Color Road

16. HQ Trivia

17. Twisty Road

18. 8 Ball Pool

19. Kick the Buddy

20. Sniper 3D Assassin: Gun Games
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