Study Reveals Most Social Media Users Are Willing to Quit Facebook for $1000

Pretty much everyone knows about the various scandals and problems that Facebook has been embroiled with over the past year. The social media site has portrayed a blatant disregard for the people that are using the platform, and as a result of this fact there have been countless security breaches that have compromised private user data, breaches that were caused by Facebook being incredibly laissez faire with their user data in the first place. Facebook has also intentionally misused user data pretty frequently over the past year, using rather underhanded techniques to get the data that users desire and making it so that users often don’t even know what data they are giving to the social media platform.

Hence, it is obvious that most people would be willing to quit Facebook now. A recent study revealed that most people would be willing to deactivate Facebook for a whole year for just a thousand dollars. It is important to understand how thoroughly intertwined Facebook is with the people that use it. If you ask someone who is in their mid twenties, you would realize that they have been using Facebook for the entirety of their adult lives. People have grown up on Facebook, and they have an intense emotional bond with it.
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The fact that people would be willing to give all of that up for a thousand bucks shows just how much Facebook has betrayed its users. One thing that should be noted is that people that used Snapchat or Instagram tended to ask for lower amounts of money than people that used primarily Facebook itself. This shows that if people have decent alternatives they would not hesitate to stop using Facebook entirely, so the social media giant needs to take this into account.
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Most People Are Ready To Quit Facebook For $1,000, Study Finds
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