Global Smartphone App Downloads Up 10% in 2018

App Annie, the renowned analytics firm, has revealed that the total number of games and apps downloaded from the various stores that are currently available, plus, the overall revenue that these apps have generated both through download charges as well as in app spending has increased by a significant amount in the year 2018. This shows a trend that has been steady and easily visible over the past decade or so, the trend towards smaller and more portable devices upon which applications are used instead of the heavy, dedicated software that personal computers usually involve.

Overall, the total number of downloads both in the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store is around 113 billion. This is a massive number, and it shows that each user is downloading multiple apps per year. It also shows that users are starting to experiment a little with the apps that they are using on a day to day basis, moving outside their comfort zone and figuring out what manner of app setup would work best for them based on the built in ecosystem of the phones that they are using at that point in time.
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The growth can particularly be seen in the world of mobile gaming. Total spending by users that were using apps has gone up even more than that of total downloads, going up by a whopping 20%. This means that the total amount of money that was collected through apps has increased to $76 billion. This has mostly occurred because of the fact that mobile gaming is becoming so popular. Games entice users to spend money a lot more than other apps because of the fact that they end up getting the desired gratification a lot more quickly.

Here's a sneak peek of the most profitable and popular mobile apps and games of 2018:

Top Apps by worldwide downloads, Apple App Store and Google Play

Top Apps by worldwide consumer spends, iOS App store and Google Play 2018

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