Google Chrome Launches New Web Doodling App Called Canvas

Google releases a lot of cool stuff now and again, and often doesn’t even publish about it because of the fact that it knows that a lot of the people that use the platform will end up stumbling across it themselves. One of the latest apps that the internet giant has released is the Canvas app. This app basically allows you to make doodles and sketches in your spare time, and can be accessed without having to make any downloads. All you have to do is put in into your browser’s address bar and you will be taken to the drawing app itself. The cool thing is that you can access the app from any browser that supports WebAssembly rather than being restricted to using Google Chrome while you are trying to access said app.
"Express yourself with natural brushes and hand-picked colors. Never lose a masterpiece with automatic syncing to your Google account.", stated Google on its new Canvas home page.
For a drawing app it’s not exactly spectacular, but it does have all of the basic features that you are going to need in order to get the job done. You basically get a set of tools including a color palette along with various drawing tools such as a pencil and a pen. You get marker and chalk as well if you want to experiment a little bit, and there is the trusted eraser that can help you fix your mistakes.
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Overall, this app is a pretty cool addition to Google’s internet landscape. It will be particularly useful for Chromebook users. Google seems to be beefing up its various properties so that the Chromebook can start to feel like a more viable option. This app shows that Chrome is quickly becoming a must have for people that want to use the internet in the easiest, most intuitive as well as the most secure way possible, though Google’s privacy issues are yet to be dealt with.

Google Chrome's Canvas App is a handy browser tool for quick doodling
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