Facebook Explains Why it Gave Netflix and Spotify Access to User Messages

Facebook has been in hot water yet again after it was revealed that it gave both Netflix and Spotify permission not just to access user messages but to delete them as well. Ime Archibong, a VP at Facebook, has stated that there is an innocent explanation for this occurrence. The reason that he is giving is that Facebook was experimenting with an incorporation of the Messenger service into Netflix and Spotify. This was ostensibly meant to make it easier for people to message each other while they use these apps.

In order to test this feature out, Facebook needed to grant these apps access to user messenger accounts. It is important to note that users were asked before this permission was granted, although it must also be mentioned that these users perhaps did not fully understand what it was that they were giving permission for. This feature was being tested out and it seems like the tests are no longer being run because no one seems to have the feature available to them anymore on either their Netflix or their Spotify apps.

Integrating Messenger into other apps will be an important goal for Facebook. After all, the social media platform is very big on connectivity, so it will probably want to be the one that brings messaging to a variety of other streaming and entertainment apps. Part of the fun of listening to music or watching a movie is the social aspect to it, so adding messaging features to these apps will definitely make the experience better for a lot of people. However, the manner in which this is done is very important as well. Facebook has a history of misleading users, it needs to start being more upfront about the permissions it is granting.

Facebook tries to explain Netflix and Spotify's messaging access
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