These high-resolution 3D pictures by Chinese developer let you zoom from far away

The resolution of digital cameras and smartphones are usually measured in megapixels or 1 million pixels.

However, a Chinese company called Jingkun Technology or Big Pixel Studio took a high-resolution image from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China that is a whopping 195 gigapixel. The company claims that the image is 2,000 times more precise than images taken with an ordinary camera.
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The photo by Big Pixel is also ranked as the world’s third-biggest photo and Asia’s largest.

According to the company, the picture is very, very big and allows viewers to zoom in so close that they can literally see the facial expression of the people on the street.

Check out a few examples of 3D images here, here and here.

Asia’s Largest Photo Is So High-Res, You Can Zoom In On People's Faces
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