DxOMark ranks Google Pixel 3 on Top

Google Pixel 3 gets score of 101 on DxOMark, ties with iPhone XR as highest rated single lens phoneGoogle Pixel 3 is given an overall score of 101, which breaks down to 103 for photo and 98 for video, by DxOMark. This puts the Pixel 3 on the shared fifth position with the Apple iPhone XR.

The review compliments the Pixel 3’s dynamic range, its detail preservation and flash performance in photos along with low-noise, detailed, and equilibrium of the video feature.

In fact, the DxOMark comments that the Pixel 3 “trounces other single-camera phones” and ranks it as the best match for Apple’s iPhone XR.
"For the camera, Google has once again decided not to add a second lens, relying instead on its dual-pixel sensor and clever software to provide Zoom and Bokeh.", said David Cardinal while reviewing Google Pixel 3 on Dxomark blog. Adding further, "The Pixel 3 is a phone without a dedicated telephoto lens that is nonetheless able to produce 2x zoom images that are very close in quality to what can be achieved with an optical zoom."
DxO did observe there some issues with lighting such as occasional ghosting in good light and some luminance noise but praised the overall feature of the phone specifically the Night Sight mode.

Google Pixel 3 Scores 101 on DxOMark, Ties With iPhone XR as Highest-Rated Single-Lens Phone

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