How the Camera Has Changed Over the Years (infographic)

Nowadays, we take for granted the fact that we can create a realistic replica of the images we saw pretty much instantly, with a level of detail that is pretty much indistinguishable from reality. This is, of course, thanks to the camera, but the fact of the matter is that it is a very recent invention, and for most of its history it was not nearly as good as it is right now.

Studying the changes and developments in the camera over its history is important because it will help us understand how one of the most important inventions of the modern era came to be the way it is right now. We live in a highly visual generation after all, we capture images of ourselves at a rate that a few decades ago would have seemed absurd if anyone had ever suggested it. The infographic below, create by JKnowles, will give you a summary of the various evolutions that the camera and its tech went through over the course of its history, from its humble beginnings as a complicated and rather ungainly machine to the miniscule, efficient device it is today.

The Evolution of the Camera - infographic
How the Camera Has Changed Over the Years (infographic)
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