Google Photos Gives Its Live Albums an Upgrade

Google Photos offers a live album feature that is really quite cool. It allows you to store photos/videos of groups of people or pets or other objects that the app would recognize as being pertinent to your day to day life. The only problem with this feature was that it had a limit of 10,000 media files, exactly half that of the shared photos feature that is more commonly used by people that specifically want to take pictures that they can add to an album. Luckily for users, the limit in the live photos feature has been doubled and brought on par with the shared albums feature. You can now store up to 20,000 pictures/videos in the live albums feature.

A lot of people might think that being able to save up to 10,000 pictures gives you the freedom to pretty much use the feature as much as you want. While this may ostensibly seem to be true, the fact of the matter is that since the app automatically detects and adds pictures to the album, the limit can be reached in pretty much no time at all. It would have made more sense for the shared albums feature to be this limited since you can keep in mind how many pictures you are taking and curate your album accordingly.

The upgraded 20,000 limit is going to help you amass a wide collection of snippets from your daily life in a manner that would be complete and not at all restricted by an unnecessary low photo limit. This feature might finally be used to its truest potential, although recent privacy concerns both with Google as well as big internet companies in general might make people a bit wary to use a feature that lets the app take pictures on its own.

Google Photos doubles limit for Live Albums media. Private albums now have same 20,000 images/videos capacity as shared albums
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