Take a trip down the memory lane with tech gadgets of 80’s serving online apps of today

Today, we can do pretty much everything with our smartphones. Whether its communication, entertainment, or task-management – most (if not all) our daily activities can be accomplished with a single tap on the mobile devices.

However, before the World Wide Web era, we were dependent on different gadgets. In fact, any 80s individual would remember the array of devices we had such as Walkman for music, Gameboy for games, and Etch A Sketch for drawing.

London-based creative director had a nostalgia for these famous tech toys and gadgets, which led him to redesign the same using the online apps of today.

With an aim to relive history, Oliver redesigned each ‘non-connected’ device using applications that we are accustomed to in today’s era.

Take a look at his work on his website and spot Instagram as a disposable camera and Spotify costumed within a green Walkman. These and several others are a visual reminder of how far technology has developed in just a few decades.

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Take a trip down the memory lane with tech gadgets of 80’s serving online apps of today
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