Apple’s New Look Transparency Report Reveals Tens of Thousands of Data Requests

Apple has established a fairly decent reputation for itself for being relatively upfront about how user data is utilized. It releases a transparency report with a fair amount of regularity. Whereas the transparency report used to be something that was provided in a PDF format, Apple has upped its game a fair amount by creating a whole web page complete with interactive graphics as well as a user interface that is designed to make it easier for you to access the specific records that you might be looking for.

This new data report has revealed that Apple received over thirty-two thousand requests for user data from various state governments. This is a nine percent increase from the previous biannual report. It has revealed that Germany makes the most requests for user data, something that definitely warrants further inquiry. Germany made over 13,000 requests, a significant proportion of the total number of requests that were made, placing it far ahead of the UK that was in second place with a still highly alarming 4,570 requests for user data.
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These requests for user data involve anything from account details to user names to locations, all of which Apple swears that it protects for users. The new interface is quite nice to look at, and the slider makes it easy to access the information you need. You also have the ability to figure out how many requests for user data were made by a specific company because of the fact that all of the countries that Apple is reporting on are listed in a line below.

Apple has managed to release this information before other tech companies which is a heartening show of commitment to transparency and helping users protect their data.

Apple received over 32,000 user data requests in the first six months on 2018

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