Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter - What Are the Most Connected Web Pages in the World?

If you have ever used a search engine, you would know that typing a query in would allow you to gain access to an enormous list of search results that would be pertinent to your query. This works by taking keywords from your query and matching them with keywords from other web pages. However, it goes beyond that as well. The webpage in question has to do more than just have information on it that people would be able to access. It also needs to be a trusted source of information.

Search engines ascertain the trustworthiness and authority of a web page based on how many people post links to it, referred to as backlinks. The higher the number of backlinks that refer to a webpage, the more trusted it will be and the higher it will appear on search engine results. Majestic recently revealed which webpages/domains end up getting the most backlinks. Unsurprisingly yet rather ironically, it is Google itself which receives the highest number of backlinks on the internet, so it seems like the search engine has mastered its own optimization-system in a way.

Ranked just below Google is the social media behemoth that is Facebook. Indeed, social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and others form a huge chunk of the top ten connected web pages on the internet. This is because of the fact that these sites end up becoming hubs of content, especially in the case of YouTube. This content is shared, thus creating a backlink. There is also the fact that people often use these platforms to raise awareness for issues. These issues are spread far and wide on the internet, with backlinks obviously regularly leading back to the social media sites where these posts originated.

This infographic lists the domains with the largest number of backlinks worldwide
Data taken from Majestic on December 25, 2018.

These are the top 20 domains/websites with the largest number of backlinks worldwide. 487267 471848 432200 421779 316572 310245 299878 295798 294365 291019 256394 249081 242936 229086 226880 226136 224481 223420 221489 217737
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