Instagram Breaks Support for iPhone XR and XS Max

Instagram has always been very supportive of new phone sizes, especially when those sizes belonged to phones that were created by Apple. For example, if you were browsing your Instagram feed on your iPhone XR or your XS Max, you would probably not notice the screen size because of the fact that the user interface has been optimized for said screen size. That is, you would have gotten this level of support before Instagram’s latest update. The Facebook-owned social network’s recent update has broken support for these models, according to 9to5Mac. As a result of this, you are probably going to start seeing the app scaled down the way it is on other phones that it has not been visually optimized for.

This revelation has gotten a lot of people up in arms about the lack of optimization that they are getting for their very expensive phones. While some initially claimed that this was a mistake that Instagram would soon rectify, it was recently revealed that the update was intentional. That being said, it is important to bear in mind the fact that this change was brought about by measures that were more or less outside Instagram’s control.
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Instagram for iPhone XR and XS Max no longer optimized? Here’s why

The new update has been created using an old version of the code that is used to write apps for iOS. The old code was used because the new code was not compatible with the older versions of iOS which is the version that most people use Instagram on. It seems like Apple’s policies of moving forward and making older tech landscapes less hospitable to people has come back to haunt them, as a lot of users are going to be very displeased indeed about the fact that their latest iPhone has made the Instagram experience somehow less than optimal.
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