12 Inspiring Quotes From Billionaires To Motivate You [Infographic]

From Mark Zuckerberg’s struggle with the launch of Facebook to Oprah Winfrey’s troubled childhood – the success stories of billionaires have always astounded us. On many occasions, most of us wonder how they managed to attain so much wealth. How did they avoid the pitfalls that came in their way and reached new heights of success? What is their secret mantra to retaining the wealth they have acquired?

In history, we have countless examples of billionaires who made it from rags to riches. They not only used the talent they had but also strategy, patience, and effective management skill to reach their success goals. As role models, we have always looked at the life stories of the world-famous billionaires with both – aww and envy. However, one this is apparent - the billionaires of today have the self-discipline when it comes to money matters. They not only use it constructively but also use it wisely so they end with as much net worth as they currently have, if not more.

In this infographic, we have rounded up some money-inspiring quotes by the self-made billionaires of today. Take a look at their advice and adapt them for a positive change in your life as well.

12 quotes from self-made billionaires that will change your outlook on money - infographic

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12 Money Quotes That Will Inspire You - infographic
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