Instagram Releases Its Year in Review

Much like a wide variety of other internet entities such as YouTube, Twitter and the like, Instagram has just released its year in review. This includes a list of pretty cool facts about how people have been using the platform. One of the most intriguing statistics talks about the most widely used emoji in the comments sections of various Instagram posts.

It turns out that the red heart emoji (❤️) has been the most widely used emoji of the year. It was used billions of times by countless users, with the exact number being a whopping fourteen billion times over the past year! That means that on average, each of the billion users that Instagram has used the heart emoji about fourteen times over the past year. That’s more than once a month. Of course, certain users will probably have used the emoji far more than others.

Instagram also announced the most popular hashtag of the year. It will come as no surprise to anyone that this year’s gaming sensation Fortnite is what caused the most hashtags to be shared. #fortnite ended up being used more widely than any other hashtag out there! Instagram also talked about the quickest rising communities on the platform. As for this, it seems like ASMR is growing the fastest. The relaxing community may be a niche but we know by now just how powerful niches can be. They have the potential to influence the world in a pretty significant way!

More Stats in this infographic:
Fortnite, K-pop, and bright red hearts: What ruled Instagram in 2018 - infographic

It’s nice to see all of the entries on Instagram’s various lists be so wholesome. It has been a tough year for a lot of people, full of tragedies and controversies. Knowing that Instagram is still a place where you can create a loving community is very heartening indeed.
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