Twitter Further Tightening The Grip around Spammers

Besides offering the new features to facilitate users, Twitter is tightening the grip around the fake account involved in the malicious posts. Before now Twitter was just offering the feature to flag the post if users felt of spam. But now you can Report Tweet by selecting the choices given by the twitter to specify what kind of spam it contains. Twitter officially announced the update in a tweet.

Twitter expands its reporting options for spam tweets and accounts

The reason for doing this all is to stop the external influence affecting the coming election unlike before that was flooded with fake news. Therefore it is expected that Twitter may introduce further strict policies to leave no loophole for the spammer to use or spread fake news. Furthermore, in July Twitter claimed that they have deleted almost 70 million accounts in last two month that were used by the spammer.

In my opinion, Twitter is moving very smartly by observing Facebook's pitfalls. Both social media giants were accused of manipulating United State election now they both are trying to blame free in coming election though Twitter is leading the race as last month hacking seriously damage the Facebook reputation overall.

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Photo By Sitthiphong / Freepik
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