Did Increase in characters make Twitter more civilize?

No doubt Twitter is famous amongst the professional’s government officials and also widely used by the journalist as a tool to communicate with their followers when Twitter launched it lemmatize its user to 140 words per tweet. But later on, in 2017 Twitter double the limit of the word extended it to 240 words on the demand of the Tweeters. Therefore, the company released the report by assessing the impact of increasing the word.
"R u abbreving less rn? Since the switch to 280 characters a year ago, we've seen an increase in people writing out full words and phrases.", wrote Twitter Data team in a tweet.
Twitter observe people are becoming more civilized by the increasing the words count. The use of please and thank you have been dramatically increased by 54% and 22% respectively. The abbreviative words like U and 4 decreased and the overall replies of tweets increased. Twitter officials also put light on the efforts they have made in combating extremism and radicalization and they are also taking strict action against the disinformation by banning several accounts.

Twitter explains why the switch to 280 characters was a good idea

In addition to this, Twitter teased the few features that are currently available to their employees only, that includes threaded, color-coded replies, a Twitter "status" setting feature and more.

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