Bloggers Take Note - Now You have to Verify each new website in Google AdSense

Now you can no more ditch the Google on using the single Google AdSense account for the verification of the different website. Google announces the new policy to monetize the blogs, now you have to verify every individual website separately in AdSense account. Before this AdSense user can use the same code for the different website.

From now onward, every site that you will register go from through strict Google verification process. Google will check whether the site meets the required standards and fulfilling the AdSense Compliance policy, if it meets Google will automatically activate the associated account by displaying ads. This change will apply to both new and old AdSense account holder.

"Each new site will go through a verification process which checks that you own the domain or have the ability to modify its content. The process also reviews your site for compliance with the AdSense Program policies. After the checks are completed, your site will be marked as "Ready" and you can start showing ads.", said Inside AdSense team in a blog post.
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The reason for doing this all is to make Ads more effective by implementing certain standards for the Google AdSense activation account. As from the past few years, the effectiveness of Google Ads compromises to overcome this issue this is the initial step taken by the Google, though its surprising publishers didn’t already have to go through this verification and review process when adding code to new sites.

Most current website owners and publishers don't need to worry about this new update or need to make any changes. The only difference they will see is the new, more visible Sites link on the AdSense menu.

Google Adsense now requires verification for all new websites
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