Google Revealed 4 Security Tips for Your Account's Protection

Google recently revealed four security tips that should be considered before a user proceeds to log in to his/her Google account.

JavaScript Must not be disabled

Google is continuously tightening its security measures for user accounts and now you would not be able to sign in to your Google account if your browser's Javascript is disabled, said Jonathan Skelker, Google Product Manager.

JavaScript is used to perform the risk assessment checks on the users. Some smart users keep it turned off to load pages faster or to save bandwidth because of which the security checks could not be performed. And that is the ultimate risk to your account. Only 0.01% of people will be affected by this change, according to Google's data.

Fetch Data from Google Play Protect for the Detection of Malicious Android Apps

Google is also working to strengthen the security checker that is included in the Google Play Store, i.e, Google Play Protect. This security checker stops Android users from installing malicious apps to ensure their security.
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Google is also planning to pull data from Google Play Protect. It will be used to list the malicious apps installed on a user's phone and will be visible in Google Account options under the Google Security Checkup Section.

Check the third-party apps that have access to your data

Another tip Google shared is about the third-party apps. Majority of the third-party apps have access to user's data. So, from now onward, users will receive a notification from Google when they share their data with third-party apps.

Account recovery after it is compromised

If your account is compromised, there are several steps to recover your account. Some of them are:
  • Verification of critical security settings like a recovery phone number or email address
  • Secure your other accounts as your Google Account may be a gateway to other accounts
  • Check for any possible financial activity through the attached payment methods like credit card
  • Check your Gmail inbox and Google docs for any misuse.
"Online security can sometimes feel like walking through a haunted house—scary, and you aren't quite sure what may pop up. We are constantly working to strengthen our automatic protections to stop attackers and keep you safe you from the many tricks you may encounter. During Cybersecurity Month, and beyond, we've got your back.", said Google in a blog post.

Google's Four Security Tips To Keep Your Google Account Safe
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