Bye Bye to old G Suite contacts web Interface as Google is expected to end it soon

Google is always in search of innovation and new features for the users. To continue the trend, Google overhauled the web Contacts design but this time unlike past they will remove the old contacts features permanently. But they will give limited access to corporate customers only.

The best part is that Google will not introduce all the change at once it will introduce in three stages starting from November 2018 and the final complete version will be launched on 12th February 2019. So you will have time to adjust to the new interface. Those who have already selected the new Google contact web interface they do not have to worry. Whereas, for those who are still using the old version will be given the option to upgrade it into the new version till mid of February 2019.

But after February 12th, 2019, the old version of the Google contacts will completely be ended. This web transition was necessary, as this feature is already introduced in android.
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New Google Contacts Web App Will Replace Older One Entirely In 2019
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