Apple Will Not Be Reporting Unit Sales Anymore! Find Out the Potential Reason Here

To the astonishment of analysts and data enthusiasts like us – the recent announcement regarding unit sales by Apple came as a major blow. For the past many years, analysts have focused the majority of their attention on iPhone sales. However, during the fourth quarter earnings call, Apple announced that it would not be sharing unit sales figures for its product.

According to the company’s CFO Luca Maestri, the Apple Company is vast and their product categories have become wider with time. With so much sales price dispersion – the company now finds it meaningless to share unit of sales.
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However, this made us wonder whether the company is omitting unit sales so analysts do not get a chance to see the staggering sales of the iPhone. Due to market saturation and slower technological progress, the Apple Company brought its average iPhone selling price to unprecedented heights and re-accelerated growth for its business. Of course, this has increased the revenue rate from the iPhone but the unit sales growth has remained flat.

Take a look at the graph below showing both the unit sales and revenue over the years.

Is This Why Apple Won't Be Reporting Unit Sales Anymore?

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