Microsoft Office, Internet Browsers and Android Apps are the Easiest Targets of Cyber Attacks

Kaspersky Lab conducted an analysis recently and found that the most commonly exploited applications worldwide belong to Microsoft Office. Nearly 50 percent of all the received complaints were related to Microsoft Office applications. Second in the list was Internet browser apps as about a quarter of complaints received were about the web browsers.

Android apps made up about 20 percent of the complaints in the report. Whereas, Java (5.5%) and Adobe Flash Player (2.5%) was also in the list.

As PDF files are among the easiest targets for the cybercriminals, so the apps working with PDF were also prone to cyber attacks, but not as much as compared to aforementioned apps.

Vulnerabilities Most Exploited by Cyber Attacks
Chart courtesy of Statista

The above infographic illustrates the most commonly exploited applications worldwide as of Q1 2018.

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