The ‘.new’ shortcut makes G Suite content creation faster

Google shortcut makes G Suite Doc and Sheet creation fasterCreating a new Google Doc or Sheet has become easier. Google recently announced a new shortcut for all G Suite apps that allows instant creation of documents and spreadsheets.

Previously, the method included users to navigate to the app they wanted to utilize and click on the “new” to begin a fresh app. However, the new time-saving process creates a new word document or spreadsheet by simply typing a keyword plus domain .new instantly from the browser address bar.

"Introducing a ✨ .new ✨ time-saving trick for users. Type any of these .new domains to instantly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites or Forms", said Google Docs team in a Twitter tweet.

The shortcut is currently in function on all browsers and works on all apps working under the G Suite umbrella.

The domains for Docs include or
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Spreadsheet:, sheets,new or

Slides:,,, or


Sites:,, or

Google adds a ‘.new’ shortcut for making G Suite files

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