Generation Z Or The Millennials, Which One Adapted To The Age Of Digitization The Better (infographic)

Millennials and Generation Z, two major generations of the era of this digital age are different as well as similar in more ways than one. These differences and similarities are subtle and sometimes not, but both of these two generations really do deserve to be the ones ruling this age.

For one, both of these generations are very much dependent on smartphones for the workings of their daily lives, almost 98% of them. 50 percent of which are hooked to the internet for almost 10 hours a day on average. Of these 10 hours, 2 hours are spent on browsing interesting videos on YouTube on average as per the statistics suggest.
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Their dependence on these electronic devices doesn’t end here, around 80 percent feel uneasy and distress if they’re kept away from these devices for long periods of time, some might suggest this behavior as that of an addict, but, if we see it at a less dramatic angle, it might be due to the fact that they operate pretty much everything in their lives via these devices, be it fitness and training, booking a ride, social networking, or the schedule of the day, these phones contain too much of their life’s necessities to be kept away from them.

Other than these, there are several differences between the two as well, which are perfectly illustrated in the infographic below.

Millennials VS Generation Z: Differences In Lifestyle, Preferences, More - infographic
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