Millennials Mindset: The Habits That Make Young Generation Successful

A major part of the human population, not quite popular with the most age groups, millennials, are the one ruling this era of modern technology.

They are often referred to as narcissistic, thin-skinned, entitled, coddled and whatnot by the older generation due to, most frankly, their lack of understanding of this generation.

Millennials make up about 83.1 million individuals of the most diverse group ethnically in the U.S. Their racial and ethnic diversity exceeds that of any other generation that came before them. But this is not the only reason for their success as a group of people in this time and age.

Many things contribute to their success, one of them a very necessary one, seemingly - is their open minds towards the new ideas and approaches. They don’t depend on the preexisting, sometimes overused and stale strategies when it comes to the problems that seem difficult to solve.

One thing they do depend on is technology. About 74 percent of this population deem technology as their daily necessity, saying that it makes their lives much easier, thinking about it, this isn’t a week argument, many things apparently worrisome, like long-distance interaction, are not an issue anymore.

Following are some interesting aspects that make this generation an interesting evolution in the history of mankind:

The Habits of Highly Successful Millennials: Rewriting the Rules for Success - infographic

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