Beware Android Users – These Google Play Apps Can Steal Your Bank Details

Beware of these apps on Android stealing customer account dataGoogle play store boasts numerous apps that are both useful and worthy of our download. However, did you know that the leading Android app directory also houses several malicious apps that have the ability to steal your social media account information and sensitive bank information such as login credentials? Furthermore, the malicious apps can send out fake texts to retrieve confidential account information from their targets.

Generally, these apps masquerade as battery managers, phone cleaners, device speed boosters, and even horoscope-themed apps. These apps carry out their malicious acts by impersonating legitimate banks and displaying replica login screens in order to steal your sign-in details.

Additionally, there are some programs - discovered by security experts at ESET that pretend to delete themselves or display fake error messages during the launch but continue to breach your privacy from the background.
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One such app named “Easy Rates Converter” was available on the Play Store for almost a week and was downloaded in around 500 devices before being discovered.

How do spam apps function?

According to cybersecurity experts, more than 29 Trojans are hard to detect. Most of these are linked with a particular category – the Red Alert 2.

These Trojans use customized phishing attacks and are capable of working remotely. However, they are so harmful that they can target any other app present on the device and intercept all messages as well as calls made via the compromised device.

Even though these banking Trojans are installed in your device through apps that run under different names – they share a similar code and server. This suggests that perhaps a single hacker or group is responsible for these acts.

List of apps that contain the Banking Trojan

According to cybersecurity experts, the below list of apps contain the banking Trojan and should be immediately uninstalled/removed from your device.

Android WARNING: Dangerous Google Play Store apps discovered which can STEAL your money

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